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Canstrat Logs

What is a Canstrat log?

A Canstrat log is a standardized visual representation of lithology data that is derived from the analysis of drill cuttings and core.

How are they made?

Canstrat logs are made by using the Canstrat Method, a rigorous and standardized method for analyzing drill cuttings that are collected when a well is drilled. Drill cuttings are shipped to our facility to be examined by one of our specially trained geologists, who record their findings on a standardized log format. The Canstrat log format uses a specific set of symbols and abbreviations that are very common in our industry, making our logs very easy to read and use in interpretation workflows.

Who makes them?

Canstrat logs are made by specially trained Canstrat geologists who are educated for over 1 year before creating their own logs. The Canstrat Method allows our geologists to examine cuttings in a repeatable fashion so mistakes and personal bias are removed from the analysis process. The process ensures that different geologists can examine the same sample and produce the same sample description. The Canstrat Method is a proven process that has created the largest standardized litholog database in the world.

How will Canstrat logs make my job easier?

Canstrat logs and data can be applied to regional studies or detailed analysis. The high level of detail extracted from cuttings by our geologists allows our logs to be valuable at any point in the exploration process.

Canstrat logs are designed to find vital information, such as such as lithology, porosity and oil staining very quickly by displaying important properties in their own columns. The information in our logs can be used to ground-truth interpretations, models, calculations and maps.

Most Canstrat logs come with a representative gamma ray and sonic or neutron wireline logs which can then be used to help correlate and interpret log signatures with specific lithographic properties. Our logs are depth registered so they can easily be incorporated into cross sections and enhanced with actual lithology data.

Canstrat logs also save time by providing the analysis for drilling cuttings online instead of having to examine the cutting and core in person. Our logs contain every lithology, fossil, mineral, and rock property that can be discerned using visual, chemical, and physical analysis by the naked eye.

Example of log

canstrat sample log